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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) Vision Statement


  • Model open communication, active listening and candor.

  • Believe others when they share their experiences.


  • A respectful attitude should be shown to everyone.

  • Allow for others to express complete opinion/thoughts without interruption, while recognizing that there are other perspectives and lived experiences.

Belonging (Accessibility)

  • Serve as an ally to those who feel excluded (professionally, socially, personally, etc.).

  • Promote togetherness and acceptance through equitable behavior.


  • Listen to understand, create space to be real/feel.

  • Remind yourself to be conscious of how others may feel or receive your words


  • Supervisors hold their peers to account on their expectations and behaviors.

  • Seek regular, constructive feedback to understand how your words and actions affect and influence others, and how they are being perceived and interpreted.

  • Acknowledge unconscious bias and be willing to learn and change behavior when confronted/corrected.