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OTI Values

A graphical representation of agility using an interlocking process diagram


OTI addresses complex political problems through context analysis, experimentation, and strategic resource use. Applying an adaptive mindset in Washington and the field accelerates timely positive change.

Diversity & Inclusion

OTI’s ability to achieve its mission and live out its values is propelled by our collective responsibility to create a sense of belonging for all in our work environment. OTI values the diversity of each others’ authentic selves, building a foundation of trust and respect.

Diversity graphic
A graphical representation of curious people


OTI’s mission demands learning and adaptation. Our relentless curiosity drives us to wonder about people, problems, and possibilities. We question the status quo, seek to understand amid uncertainty, and treat mistakes as a compass pointing us toward more effective approaches.


OTI embraces our engagements with one another, our stakeholders, and our programs with intentionality and optimism. Achieving our mission requires that we take risks and tackle difficult conversations and decisions. A courageous OTI is a force for positive change.

A graphic of courage
A graphic of accountability


OTI exhibits a sense of ownership and integrity in the work we do, and holds a sense of responsibility to each other, the local partners we engage, the policies and programs we advance with our implementing partners, and the taxpayer.


OTI seeks to understand how power is created, traded, and facilitated, requiring that we acknowledge our privilege and the limits of our power. This understanding helps us act on power dynamics and harness them for transformation.

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