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USPSC Summary of Benefits

Summary of Pay and Benefits

Medical Insurance Reimbursement - USAID will reimburse up to 72% of your out of pocket medical expenses for a health plan of your choosing subject to a limit of $7,266 for individuals and $20,339 for families.

Generous Paid Leave - 13 days of annual leave during the first three years of employment and 13 days of sick leave per year with unlimited roll over of sick leave. After year 3, annual leave increases to 20 days. Individuals with prior federal employment may receive credit for this service toward their leave accrual rate.

Parental Leave - 12 weeks of paid parental leave to be used during the 12-month period beginning on the date of the birth or adoption.

Annual Increase  - Annual cost of living increases approved for the GS pay scale are provided to USPSCs as well. In 2023, the increase was 4.1% in Washington DC. This is in addition to performance increases.

Performance Increase - USPSCs with good performance are generally eligible for a salary increase of one (1) step within the GS pay scale after the end of each contract year.

Life Insurance - USPSCs are reimbursed for 50% of their own life insurance costs up to $500 per year.

Overseas Allowances - USPSCs based overseas receive a number of allowances and differential payments in line with Department of State Regulations for the given country. These may include:  

  • Government Housing or a Living Quarters Allowance; 
  • Post (Cost of Living) Allowance; 
  • Danger Pay Allowance
  • Post Differential Pay    
  • Supplemental Post Allowance
  • Education Allowance for authorized dependents
  • Separate Maintenance Allowance for posts where family members cannot accompany the employee.

*These benefits are stated in general terms and do not capture all policy or procedural nuances. The policy in place at the time and the specific contract shall govern actual benefit payments. The above is a simplified version of a small section of the USAID Acquisition Regulations (AIDAR), Appendix D. If you have any questions, OTI encourages you to view the entire document at the USAID website and review the specific solicitation. Some portions of the AIDAR for USPSCs have been modified by interim changes. If there are any differences between the information shown on this website and the solicitation, the solicitation or resulting award shall govern.