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Frequently Asked Questions

Must you be a US Citizen to apply?

Yes. You must be a US Citizen to apply as these positions require a Secret-level security clearance which can only be granted to US Citizens. You may be a naturalized citizen but cannot be a greencard holder.

How do I know if I qualify for a position?

All of the Education/Experience and Selection Factors must be met in order for your offeror to be considered by the selection committee. We encourage you to apply only if you fulfill all of these qualifications.


What are evaluation factors?

Each factor plays an important part in identifying those offerors who are better qualified for a position. Evaluation Factors responses are limited to 500 words per factor, and should include detailed examples to fully demonstrate the requested experience and skills.


How can I confirm that my offer was received?

OTI confirms receipt of your offer package via email. If you have not received an email confirmation, or are concerned that your offer was not received, it is your responsibility as the offeror to follow-up by contacting OTI.


Do I have to submit a new offer for each position that I apply to?

Each position has a distinct set of Education/Experience Requirements and Evaluation Factors (EF) that need to be addressed as part of a complete offer package. Although we keep a copy of your offer materials in our system, you must submit an updated offer that includes a new resume, AID 309-2 form, and EF document (when applicable) for each position to which you apply.


May I apply for more than one position?

Yes, you may apply for multiple positions. However, you must submit a separate and complete offer for each position.

Where do I find the form AID 309-2?

The form is available from the USAID website here.

Is an extension of a CSE appointment automatic? What options do employees have once the term appointment ends?

Beyond the three- or five-year initial appointments, bureaus will make determinations on whether to extend CSE positions based on bureau requirements and available funding. There are no limits to how many extensions can be granted.

Where are vacant positions posted?

All positions will be publicly posted on the USAID Career website and other sites, including on the OTI Our Jobs page and at to encourage open and fair competition.

Who is eligible to apply for CSE positions?

You must be a U.S. citizen to apply to CSE positions, as these positions require a security clearance. Please note that Non-Competitive Eligibility (NCE) does not automatically apply.